Family demands answers, claims Memphis teacher dislocated 2-year-old boy's shoulder

WATCH: Family says 2-year-old was injured at school

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis family is demanding answers after a 2-year-old boy had his shoulder dislocated at school.

The boy was taken to the hospital last Friday.

His family claims a teacher at the Lord’s Tabernacle Christian Academy grabbed him by the arm and injured him.

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Memphis police and the Department of Child Services are looking into the claim.

The boy’s family told FOX13 they were not notified until his mother went to pick him up from the school.

“When I pulled up to the scene, that’s all you hear on that street – a young child screaming and crying and it’s terrible,” said Caleb Armour, the fiancé of the child’s mother.

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Armour went to the school shortly after the mother was notified.

“What’s obvious is they are trying to cover up something. For them not to pick up the phone to anybody – not a grandparent, not a parent to say, ‘hey your child is hurt,’” said Armour.

MPD officers spoke with the teacher accused by family of hurting the child. She told officers he wouldn’t sit still, so she picked him up by the arm to put him in time out.

The boy was screaming in pain and could not move the arm, family said.

According to a police report, an officer looked at video that shows the teacher pulling the child by the arm when he was crawling.

It then showed her pulling him to time out. The child tried to sit down, and she pulled his arm again.

FOX13 asked school officials for a comment on the incident, but we have not received one yet.

The Tennessee DCS is also investigating.

The child’s family told FOX13 they are looking at taking possible action against the school following the incident.