• Family Focus: Memphis women's summit drives leadership, diversity and inclusion

    By: Darcy Thomas


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Memphis woman has spent the last 30 years driven by leadership, diversity and inclusion.

    Gwendolyn Tucker is a guest speaker at this year's Junior League Women's Summit on March 22nd.

    As a lead consultant, Tucker said in the years she has spent climbing the corporate ladder, she has learned a few things.

    “No one is an island, we don’t walk this journey alone, so there is a way for us to reach back to be able to help women who are early in their journey of leadership," said Tucker.

    She said she will have one main focus for the event, "My goal is to help leaders of tomorrow prepare today, so that they will be prepared for the test tomorrow."

    Tucker said it's important for women to speak directly to women, because the level of openness and collaboration.

    Sher said her panel will speak to young women who want to be the leaders of our future.

    "Not to stay in a comfort zone, but to push yourself, so being bold getting outside of your comfort zone and then being credible, so when you come to the table you have something to add value," said Tucker.

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    She said this is another opportunity for women to talk about what is happening in their work environment and ways to push for advancement, "The glass ceiling does exist and so the question is how do you shatter it? And also how do you leverage and use mentors and sponsors to help pull you up through the organization."

    Tucker told FOX13 her greatest bit of advice will always be, "Just being comfortable in my own skin, and being ok with who I am, regardless of who else approves or whoever likes it is probably a bit of advice has been very helpful for me."

    Tucker will speak at the "Leaders for Tomorrow Forum". 

    The Memphis Junior League Women's Summit is on March 22nd.

    For more information about tickets, go online to memphiswomenssummit.org

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