Family Focus: Visions turn into reality for student entrepreneurs through 'LITE'

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A vision is turning into a reality for student entrepreneurs.

LITE or Let's Innovate Through Education teaches young Memphian's how to tap into the top paying jobs in this community.

Getting ready to graduate high school, 18-year-old Whitehaven senior Hannah Holmes is designing her own future.

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"If you're passionate about something you can be your own boss you don't have to do what you see other people doing, if you want to be a designer you can be one if you want to own your own business you can do that," said Holmes.

She’s planning to study physics and fashion in college, and is working with let's innovate through education or LITE.

Holmes said, "We're learning like budgets, financing and then we're learning also basic entrepreneurial skills things of that sort, like how to communicate with partners how to establish partners."

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LITE was created almost five years ago to help students gain the necessary skills to get a great job or be successful.

Sophia Fils-Aimea LITE Project Manager said, "We’re finding that black and Latino communities aren't given resources to especially keep up with this world that is continuously growing."

LITE teaches students an idea can be more than an idea, but a reality or a future business.

"We have students who recognize Memphis is a really great place especially for tourism, so why don't we actually bring that out by creating an app that highlights the really awesome places," said Fils-Aime.

Lite is currently helping 75 young students like Holmes understand age doesn't equal success, it's the work that makes a difference.

Holmes said, "Step out of your comfort zone, even though it might be a new experience you should definitely take that new experience and run with it because you never know what you might gain from it."

LITE is a free program and so far, 100% of the students have gone onto college or have a full-time job.

If you have a student interested in applying to LITE, you can log onto

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