• Family living in hotels as home remains without power


    A Memphis family has been calling different hotel rooms home for the past week. 

    On July 3, a tree fell on their meter box. That caused the box to catch fire and knock out the power.

    Patrice Payton rents a home from Crestcore Realty. She said she has been without power for one week. 

    “Everything just went boom and all the power went out,” Payton said. 

    She said her husband Marcus Davenport had a stroke recently and cannot be in these hot conditions. 

    “I try to make sure he’s comfortable every day,” Payton said. 

    And every day they aren’t in their home, that becomes more difficult. 

    After a tree fell in their backyard and burned the meter box they were forced to move out of the home they rent. But it was unclear who needed to fix the problem.

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    “MLGW came out. They actually came out twice,” Payton said. “They came out the first day it happened and then I called them again after the property managers said it wasn’t their responsibility. They came out again and they were just telling us no it’s not my responsibility.”

    It turns out that it’s the property owner's responsibility, but Davenport can’t deal with the run around for much longer. 

    “I don’t want to fall out and have another stroke in the heat trying to chase them,” Davenport said.

    FOX13 called Crestcore Realty to get the family some answers, and the company said it can’t release the homeowner’s information. 

    Payton said Red Cross covered the cost of her hotels for the first three days, but now it’s all coming out of her pocket.

    “It’s really stressful at this point because I still paid the rent,” Payton said.  “Even on top of me paying for hotels every night. I still paid my monthly rent. Which I haven’t been here for a whole week now. But I still paid my bill.”

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