Family: Mississippi man killed by police while walking with his son, mother speaks out

CLARKSDALE, Miss. — Gracie Triblett, the grieving mother of a man shot and killed by Clarksdale police, is speaking out.

Before the deadly shooting, officers got a call about a prowler in the area. Patrick Bryant was shot and killed Saturday night by responding officers.

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FOX13 also found out that the officer's body cameras were rolling during the shooting. Multiple sources say the footage has already been reviewed.

Now – Gracie Triblett, the mother of Patrick Bryant, wants answers.

“Somebody tell me the truth, they killed my son... they act like they didn’t know nothing,” said Triblett.

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FOX13 met with Triblett as she was leaving the Clarksdale Police Department. She said she was there looking for answers.

Investigators said Bryant was killed a 15-minute walk away from his house. Family members say he was walking to the store to buy a cigarette.

He also had his 10-year-old son with him.

“My little grandson ran away by himself... He told his mother they killed his daddy,” Triblett said.

The police chief of Clarksdale would only tell FOX13 that their officers do wear body cameras. She would not talk about the investigation.

A neighbor wouldn't go on camera, but he told FOX13 he heard Bryant threaten police.
Triblett said Bryant carried a gun because he was licensed as a security guard.

MBI told FOX13 a weapon was found near Bryant’s body in the backyard of the home.

“I want to know if my son was inside the house or outside the house – or around the corner. If you shot him in both hips, why would you shoot him in his heart?” Triblett said.

Bryant’s body has been sent to the crime lab in Pearl, Mississippi for an autopsy.