• Family of man left in van on impound holds press conference

    By: Tom Dees


    The family of the man who was found in the back of a van on the impound lot held a press conference on Tuesday morning. 

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    According to attorney Murray Wells, the autopsy has not come in yet, but from the attorney's investigation it appears Bardomiano Hernandez was shot one time in the abdomen.

    Wells said this is normally not an instant death, and it is possible he could have survived. 

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    Wells said the city could be held responsible and needs to help pay for the raising of Bardo's one-year-old daughter Claudine. The potential lawsuit depends on how long the Bardo lay dying in the van. 

    "I think that if the medical experts tell us that Bardo was alive anytime after the police came in contact with that van I think the answer is 100% yes," Wells said.

    Attorney Murray Wells told FOX13 he asked the city to reach out to the family to offer condolences and to offer flowers and funeral expenses he tells me the city has not responded. 

    "And we haven't heard anything and the family is left waiting and just left wondering if there's any response from the city," Wells said. 

    FOX13 has reached out to the city for a response. We will let you know when we hear back from them.

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    Family of man left in van on impound holds press conference