Family of Memphis soldier found dead say authorities are withholding information

CLAY CO., Fla. — The soldier from Memphis who went missing Wednesday has died, according to family members.

Cayln McLemore went missing after participating in a land navigation exercise at a camp in Florida.

When FOX13 approached the home of McLemore's family, they confirmed his body had been found.

McLemore’s sister and cousin said they think authorities are keeping information from them.

“They smiled in our faces and didn't even tell us he was dead," his sister, Cura McLemore, said.

After days of search, officials found McLemore’s body in a wooded area.

“I want my brother back with me,” Cura McLemore said. “That's my best friend. The only friend I have."

She told FOX13 not knowing what happened to her brother is unacceptable. She said authorities told them McLemore had died – but left out how he died.

Shannon Mayes, his cousin, said something just isn’t sitting right with her.

Mayes said they found out later that McLemor had a cell phone on him.

“Why he didn’t use that cell phone?” she said.

They suspect it was a cover-up because they cannot figure out why he wouldn’t make any calls if he knew he was in danger.

“How can a cell phone go dead?” Mayes said. “You would have made a call when you feel like something is wrong.”

McLemore’s family said they are tired of the back-and-forth dialogue from authorities.

The story keeps changing, McLemore said, pointing to police telling them they found a backpack – only to say they could only find a light.


A soldier from Memphis is missing after participating in a land navigation exercise at a camp in Florida.

Soldier Cayln McLemore was participating in a land navigation assignment on Wednesday at 11 a.m., and has not been seen since, authorities said.

It was a military training class of the Basic Leader Course at Camp Blanding's 211th Regiment Regional Training Institute.

Searches were conducted late Thursday afternoon throughout the night.

Multiple agencies including Camp Blanding military personnel, St. Johns County Sheriff's Office and the

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Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, are helping the Clay County Sheriff's Office in the search for McLemore.

Canines and mounted patrol are also being used in the search, officials said during a media briefing Friday.

Some of McLemore's equipment -- water, food, paperwork and a tool to navigate -- was located by search teams.

CCSO said Friday night that crews will continue to search overnight and into Saturday morning for McLemore.

Nothing has indicated anything suspicious about his disappearance or that he's AWOL, authorities said.

Officials believe he may have become disoriented and dehydrated in the heat.