Family of missing Arkansas woman speaks out

Family of missing Arkansas woman speaks out

MARIANNA, Ark. — The search continues for an Arkansas woman who disappeared three weeks ago and now the woman's mother and sister are pleading for help to find her.

Annie Lee Hampton, 66, was last seen wearing a white nightgown with an image on the front that resembles a rabbit by her neighbor about 7:30 a.m. Oct. 18.

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When the neighbor came back outside about 9 a.m., Hampton's car was gone.

Police were called to the residence after the home aide could not get in the house.

Her mother and sister told FOX13 the Marianna Police Department has exhausted all resources and now they're looking for new leads to point them in the right direction.

Franky Mills, Hampton's mother, is determined to get answers.

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"You love your kids no matter what. Especially when they are missing and you don't know where they are, when they are sick and all of that. It is really bad," said Mills.

It's been nearly three weeks since she was last seen. Hampton's sister, Rosetta Lee, is still puzzled about her disappearance.

"I am not convinced she left driving because she really wasn't in any condition to be driving... we have looked everywhere we can think of. If it was close by I think someone would have seen it by now. She never kept much gas in the car. We thought we would probably find the car out of gas on the side of the road or on the side streets, but we haven't seen anything," said Lee.

Hampton's family said their biggest concern is her health, and they're asking people to keep an eye out for her.

"If they have seen the car or anything come forward and say you seen the car go this way or that way. It don't mean they had anything to do with it. Just say they seen the car. That would give us some kind of clue of what direction she might be in," said Mills.

The vehicle is a brown 2001 Pontiac with Arkansas Handicap tags 342737. Officials are not sure if it's a Grand Am or a Grand Prix.

She has a liver Illness, seizures, slight dementia, and full mobility is aided by a walker or wheel chair, which were both left at the residence.

She is small in stature with a larger stomach unproportionate to her build due to her illness.

If you see Hampton contact Marianna police at 870-295-2508