• Family relieved after new report shows mother was not drinking before deadly crash


    FAYETTE CO., TENN. - Four people, including three children, were killed in a morning crash in Fayette County and an updated accident report is revealing new details. 

    The crash happened just before 1:30 Sunday morning on I-269 southbound.

    According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the two vehicles were traveling in opposite directions down the same stretch of the interstate. Both tried to swerve to avoid each other but ended up going in the same direction and hit head-on.

    The THP report said Latricia Taylor was driving her Buick when she hit a commercial vehicle that was pulling a trailer head-on. The crash happened five minutes from where Taylor lives, family members told FOX13. The report also stated no one was wearing a seatbelt inside the car. 

    The report also said Taylor 'had been consuming alcohol' but, it is now been changed to unknown. THP said this is standard when the person is deceased. 

    After a deadly crash, it’s standard to mark this section as unknown until the toxicology report is complete, which may take 15 weeks, said Sgt. Chris Richardson of THP. 

    "There was evidence found and seen and the trooper believed that it was, that she had been but again that shouldn’t, the way the law, the way the question is written, the way the policy is written, that it shouldn’t have been released that way," Sgt. Richardson said. 

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    Taylor's family learned about the new report through the news. They have not seen a new copy. 

    "We’re thankful that we can get her name cleared and not smear that child like that,"said Arnetha Barber, victim's aunt. "Because her baby has to see this and in order for her to watch the tv and it’s breaking news, and they’re making assumptions about her mother that’s not a good thing for that child to have to deal with."

    Taylor, 34, of Collierville, along with a 9-year-old boy, a 7-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl died in the crash, according to the THP report.

    "She’s a very lovable person," Barber said. "She loved kids, everybody that came in contact with Nikki falls in love with her, she’s a sweet person."

    Family members told FOX13 Taylor was driving her daughter, niece and nephew at the time of the crash. Taylor's family also told FOX13 Latricia graduated from Fayette-Ware High School.

    The funerals for Taylor and the three children are this Saturday. 

    The driver of the commercial vehicle was not injured, according to the THP report. 

    THP told FOX13 no criminal charges were filed.

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