Fantasia burned, unable to perform in Memphis

Memphis, TN — UPDATE, MONDAY 3:17 PM: 

According to TMZ, R&B singer Fantasia Barrino suffered 2nd degree burns to her arm when she knocked over a vaporizer in her sleep.

Sources close to the singer told TMZ that she was dozing off on her tour bus Sunday with an aromatherapy vaporizer nearby which she uses to soothe her vocal cords.

Fantasia was resting right before for her Memphis tour stop at the Fedex Forum with Charlie Wilson and Johnny Gill.

The singer thinks she rolled over onto the machine's cord, which caused hot water to spill on her right forearm.

Doctors removed the damaged skin and she is expected to heal fully.

The former American Idol winner is expected to resume the tour Wednesday night in Los Angeles.



Former American Idol winner Fantasia had to cancel a performance at the Fedex Forum due to an accident that left her burned, according to her Instagram account.

According to the post, she "experienced an accident causing second degree burns on her arm."

The post also said her team is currently working to "create a means that she can redeem this time with you."

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It is not clear how she was injured.