• Father accused of assaulting 11-year-old who tried to prevent 9-year-old's kidnapping

    By: Tom Dees


    Lewlyn Stewart is charged with kidnapping and simple assault. 

    The Shelby County Sheriff's Office told FOX13 40-year-old Stewart took his daughter to the Hollywood Casino Hotel.

    We know Stewart had been living here for the last two weeks at the Hollywood Casino. The Shelby County Sheriff's Office said his wife has custody of their daughter. 

    WATCH: SCSO News Conference with new details:

    The 9-year-old was abducted around 1:00 in the morning. The TBI said they were notified around 3:00 by SCSO. 

    SCSO said Stewart is also facing a simple assault charge, because an 11-year-old who was also in the house at the time tried to stop him from taking his daughter. Deputies said Stewart fought with the child, but would not say if the 11-year-old is related to him or the 9-year-old. They also would not say whether the child was injured during that fight. 

    As TBI began to put together a team to issue an Amber Alert and Shelby County gathered warrants to issue the alert, the child was found at the Hollywood Casino. SCSO had alerted the Tunica County Sheriff's Department, and they were able to locate the pair there. 

    The TBI told FOX13 how long it takes to issue an Amber Alert varies from case to case

    Neighbor Walter Green lives across the street from the house where Stewart is accused of abducting  the child from. "The family that moved into that house moved in there about two months ago. They have not been here long at all," Green said.

    Stewart had no priors, but law enforcement told FOX13 he had been making threats against his family. That is why the child was considered to be in danger. 

    Police said the 9-year-old was not afraid when police arrived at the hotel. 

    Green said Stewart seemed like any other neighbor. "I would be honest with you. I don't do no background checks on my neighbors. He was just like my neighbors... put his trash out... rolled his trash in. He said hello and goodbye... I would be surprised," Green said.

    The Tunica County Sheriff's Department told us Stewart should be signing extradition papers Wednesday. 

    The child has returned home to her mother.

    "Hopefully they reunite her with her mom and they get her some help," Green said. 

    Issuing an Amber Alert includes a four step process with 25 points. 

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