• Father accused of kidnapping twins released from jail


    An Osceola man is speaking out after being charged with kidnapping children he claims are his own.

    Aaron Young was accused of kidnapping the twins, a boy and a girl, after their mother died. 

    Young claims the kids are his, and he had every right to take them. 

    >>Cross-country custody battle for twins continues

    Other family members have said they did not know he planned to take the Osceola children to California. 

    Their aunt currently has legal custody of them. 

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    An arrest warrant was issued for Young, and he was taken into custody in California. He was then taken back to Arkansas.  

    Young spoke exclusively to FOX13 about getting released. He said he is forbidden from seeing the children, but is still working to gain custody. 

    On FOX13 starting at 5, find out why a judge dropped his bond from $600,000 to $50,000... a move that even surprised the prosecuting attorney. 

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