Father arrested after 2-year-old girl shot in the head at Memphis apartment complex

WATCH: Search continues for gunman in 2-year-old child's death

The child's father has been arrested following the 2-year-old's death.

Detectives said Mikal Grogan is being charged with aggravated child neglect and endangerment.

But the police affidavit describes what led to the crime.

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According to police, Grogan admitted to selling marijuana out of his apartment and was playing dice and gambling the night of the deadly shooting.

Grogan told police that he heard someone knocking at his door. When he asked who it was, they started firing.

According to the affidavit, Grogan said another man named “J” began to fire his pistol and rifle as well.

Grogan said another man also had about two pounds of “high-grade marijuana” in the apartment.

Investigators said Grogan placed his daughter in danger by exposing her to gambling, illegal drug sales and violence.


A 2-year-old is dead after being shot in the head during early morning shooting in Hickory Hill.

The shooting happened shortly before 2 a.m. after a hail of gunfire at the Enclave Apartments.

Now, FOX13 has confirmed the apartment complex does not have security camera on their property.

But MPD is releasing few details about the case.

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Witnesses said they heard more than a dozen shots fired at the Enclave apartment homes off Hickory Hill Tuesday morning.

“... I thought it was inside my apartment,” said Yuri Silva, a neighbor in the apartment complex.

Once the shots stopped. A 2-year-old was killed after a bullet hit her in the head.

“I was hearing a lady down here saying, ‘Oh my God! My baby, my baby.’”

MPD said it is unclear where the shooting happened exactly, but it left more than 12 bullet holes in the walls and shattered glass from a porch door.

Police said the shooter is still on the run. Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers.