Father attacked outside Memphis restaurant while holding 1-year-old daughter

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A father and daughter went on what was supposed to be a quick food run inside an Orange Mound McDonalds on Tuesday, but it became a moment that forever changed their lives.

"I'm getting chocked out from the back, then I'm getting hit all in my face," Martavious Conner recalled.  "And I have her in my hands at the time."

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The Memphis father was not only fighting for his own life, but that of his one-year-old daughter Malaysia as well.

"As I'm leaving out someone asked me for a lighter," Conner explained.

And without warning, four men attacked the 21-year-old father while he was holding his daughter.

"I had to throw her in the car," Conner said. "I end up reaching for my gun that was under the seat."

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Martavious Conner said one of the alleged attackers was also 'packing heat.' While being pistol-whipped and in a chokehold, the father said he was able to shoot one of the accused robbers in each leg.

The father told FOX13 one of the attackers stole his gun, after the shooting, and pointed it at his head. However, a stroke of luck might have saved his life.

"My gun ended up jamming," Conner said.

The attackers drove off and stopped two miles away at a fire station.  Police then took Cortez Cole, Ladarius Pugues, Quinton Webb and Terrell Pullen into custody.

Making matters worse, Conner said Pullen was a former school mate.

"That's the world we are living in now," Martavious' father Bobby Hester told FOX13.  "It could have been anybody. I'm just thankful they are okay. It could have been much worse."

As it turns out, while Martavious was fighting to save his daughter's life, she in turn might have saved his.

"I was to the ground losing consciousness, but hearing my baby holler – that's what kept me up," Conner said.

The four men are charged with robbery.  Cortez Cole however, is facing an additional offense for being a convicted felon with a gun.