• Fire damages 2 homes overnight in Parkway Village

    By: Tom Dees


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - As we watched Dereck Whitlock stood in the roadway stunned and hugging his 18-year-old son thanking him for getting all five family members out alive.


    "He saved our lives we were asleep he woke us up and got us out I lost my dog to my house and my cars but we are safe." Derek Whitlock said.


    18-year-old Ereck Whitlock told us he was on the phone with his girlfriend at 2 o'clock in the morning he heard glass shatter he thought someone was breaking in the house so he ran into the kitchen where he saw the fire he then ran through the house we can family members up. Family members call him a hero.


    Erick Whitlock tells us the family had a hard time getting out because the every doorway was blocked by fire.


    "We had to come out the front door when we came out that door of the fire was on top of our heads so we had to jump over the rails to get out of the house...the dog didn't make it out the dog didn't make it she died" Ereck Whitlock said


    Fire investigators tell us an electrical short behind a carport refrigerator sparked the fire. Derek shared with us that in spite of all his losses he's thankful for his son.


    "I love my son. He saved us," Dereck Whitlock said.


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