• Fired employee left child in car, threatened to 'act a fool' after company denied her final paycheck


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Memphis mother is facing serious charges after going to her now-former job and demanding her final paycheck.

    Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Kelley Watts after they said she went to Conduit Global to pick up her final check after being fired from her job.

    Deputies said employees there were told Watts was told she wouldn’t be able to pick up her final check for another week.

    She threatened to “act a fool” if she didn’t get it.

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    When she arrived, police said Watts was approached by her manager, who noticed she had a gun. He told her to put it away. 

    She did, but deputies said Watts refused to leave the site.

    Deputies said Watts later admitted her intention to shoot out her manager’s car tires in the parking lot but never fired because the gun jammed. 

    All the while, her 5-year-old daughter was inside her car. Watts was also charged with child neglect. The child was released to a relative.

    The child was left inside the car with the gun at one point. Police said Watts did not have a permit to carry that gun.

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