Fired worker files $10M lawsuit claiming harassment over interracial marriage

The only African American employee at a Millington company claims he dealt with racism in the workplace for six months. He is suing Grinder Fabricating & Erection for $10 million.

Will Moss was hired as a truck driver for the company in May 2017.

"They asked me how does it feel to be in a warehouse and you're the only n***** in here," Moss said.
Moss told FOX13 the racism got worse as time went on.

He took a picture of a Ku Klux Klan doll that he found sitting on top of his lunchbox one day. He also took pictures of two employees who he claims were doing a Nazi salute pose over a burning cross.

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“I didn’t have no other choice but to continue to work because I had a family to feed and take care of,” Moss explained.

He told FOX13 fellow employees harassed him when they learned he is married to a white woman.

“The exact words were you either divorce the white lady or you're going to have to leave here,” Moss said.

A few days later, the situation allegedly escalated.

“They started bringing rifles and guns to work because they had a shooting range there,” he said. “This was the most horrifying experience I ever experienced in my life.”

For six months, Moss claims he notified his supervisor about the alleged racism.

"And every time, the answer was they're just joking, go back to work," he told FOX13.
Friday, FOX13 Chief Investigator Jim Spiewak went to Grinder. No one answered the door.

Later in the day, he received a statement from the owner that said:

They do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. When these allegations were brought to our attention, they were immediately investigated. The employees were terminated.

FOX13 looked on Grinders website, and it shows they do business with many prominent companies in Memphis.

Moss’s lawsuit also includes screen grabs of what he said are public Facebook posts from employees showing a group of black men running away from a child asking, “who’s my daddy?”

There was another of a dad joking to an expecting mother that the kid will grow up fatherless.

“I knew race, racial issues is in this world today, but I didn’t know it was going to hit me,” Moss told FOX13.

The lawsuit, which was filed by attorney Brian Winfey, claims Moss was fired a week after telling his supervisor about the burning cross incident.