• Firefighters battle house fire in Southeast Shelby County

    By: Alexa Lorenzo


    As the sun rose, so did the flames.

    Officials said a fire broke out at a Southeast Shelby County home at 5:15 a.m. on Richwood Place and Old Forrest Road.

    Minutes later, neighbor, Bryant Boone jumped in to action.

    “It’s just nature, human nature first of all,” Boone said. “You never want to see anyone’s stuff blow up.”

    FOX13 learned a father of five was heading to work when he started his car inside the garage. He left the car running and then went back into the home to get keys to another car.

    Eric Jackson, Division Chief of Operations for Shelby County Fire Department, said at some point, the car the man left running went up in flames. 

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    “It’s not usually normal what starts a structure fire in a residence,” Jackson said. “Usually it’s cooking, but fires can start from cars being started in the garage.” 

    Boone, a Memphis Firefighter woke up when he said he heard the sound of an explosion. 

    “I grabbed my water hose from my yard and my neighbor grabbed his water hose from his house,”

    Boone said. “We just tried to keep the fire from the car from getting onto the house.” 

    Two adults, five children and the family dog, Jack, made it out safely. They were able to salvage a few items.

    They still aren’t sure what they lost in the fire, but they do know what they gained- a newfound gratitude for their neighbor.   

    “I think it did comfort the residents knowing that they did have someone on the scene in that profession,” Jackson said.

    Boone said he is always on duty. 

    “Everybody was trying,” Boone said. “I mean it only takes minutes for it to go from one extreme to the other.” 

    We are working to learn what caused the car to explode.



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