Fitz Casino and Hotel temporally closed due to 'rising river water'

WATCH: Flooding forces Fitz casino to close temporarily

TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. — The Fitz Casino and Hotel in Tunica, Mississippi has temporarily shut down due to flood waters.

According to the casino's Facebook page, Tunica County has closed the road that leads to the Fitz Casino after the Mississippi River continues to rise.

Fitz closed the hotel and casino at 12 p.m. Sunday. It hasn't been determined when the business will reopen.

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Here's the full statement from Fitz Casino and Hotel Facebook Page -- 

"As a result of the rising river water and making sure all of you and our team members are safe Tunica County has decided to close the road coming into the Fitz. This means that noon CST today we will have to close our hotel and casino. Please watch Facebook for more updates. We will be letting everyone know ASAP when we will re-open. Thank you."

The Tunica County Emergency Management Agency told FOX13 the remaining six casinos in the area are currently open and operational.

At this time, it hasn't been decided if the other casinos will close down.

Tom Clarahen is visiting tunica for the weekend from Iowa. He went to Fitz Casino Saturday night but when he tried to go back Sunday, he was stopped by the rising water from the Mississippi River which forced the casino to temporarily shut down.

“I think that’s really bad for all the people that have to work there. What are they going to do for a job and their income and stuff? It’s not a good deal,” said Clarahen.

Tunica County Emergency Management Agency Director Leron Weeks said they haven’t closed a casino because of flooding since 2011 when the area was experiencing historic flooding.

In addition to the roads leading up to the casino, officials are continuing to watch rising flood waters leaving the casino at the entrance of the Tunica County River Park. Weeks said the park has been closed for more than a week because of three to four feet of flooding. Now emergency management officials say they’re keeping a close eye on river levels as the water creeps up to the roadway and even toward the bridge.

“Once it crests it’s going to stay at the crest level at 53 feet for about three or four days and then it’s going to start a slow, slow descent,” said Weeks. “As of right now, as long as we don’t go any higher than what’s projected in the forecast we should be ok.”

The remaining six Tunica County casinos are open.

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