Florida man tells FOX13 how he survived Hurricane Michael

WATCH: Waiting out Hurricane Michael

People in the southern panhandle of Florida are in emergency shelters and thankful to be alive tonight after Hurricane Michael made landfall.

Many people are without electricity and first responders are working to get to people who are in need of help.

Strong winds and rain from Hurricane Michael caused down trees and major flooding in several parts of Florida.

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In Tallahassee, people were told to stay inside of their homes to remain safe from flying debris.

Ander Marcelin lives in Tallahassee, FOX13 spoke to him just after he lost power in his home.

"I have been staying indoors to preserve the coolness inside of the house as much as I can,” Marcelin said.

Marcelin sent FOX13 videos of what it looked like outside of his home.

"It’s very gusty. The wind was pulling to one side,” Marcelin said. The wind and rain had its way in other parts of Tallahassee.

According to Tallahassee city leaders, many of their citizens have seek shelter in several hotels in the city.

Marcelin told me for the last hurricane - he went without power for six to seven days.

Tallahassee city leaders’ say crews have begun the process of restoring power back to residents.

According to the City of Tallahassee twitter account, crews have begun clearing debris from the road.

"Just trying to hunker down and stay put until we get some power restored,” Marcelin said.

Tallahassee city leaders said city electric crews will work throughout the night until the weather escalates to the point it is no longer safe.