Former Cub Scout Den Mother charged with sexual indecency with a child

MARION, Ark. — A former Cub Scout Den Mother is charged with sexual indecency with a child and computer child pornography.

FOX13 has confirmed with the current Pack 172 Cub Den Mother, Christina Mccafferty, was relieved of her duties with the pack three months ago. They are based out in Marion, Arkansas.

Mccafferty, 38, is currently in the Crittenden County Jail.

She appeared via video monitor in court Monday morning.

She has to sign a contract saying she will not make contact with the boy or his family and will be taken to the Mid-South Health Systems for an evaluation before July 31.

She was given a $35,000 bond.

The victim's parents told FOX13 they found out about her inappropriate relationship with their son and called her, asking her to stop. They did not want to get the courts involved.

However, they said she brought him a new phone after that conversation and tried to contact him.

The parents also gave FOX13 a statement via a letter shared Monday:

On January 26, after discovering a series of video chats from Christina McCafferty directed toward our son, we met with representatives of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to reveal to them a pattern of disturbing behavior.  McCafferty was separated from BSA within days of that meeting. 

The Marion police department was contacted and a case file was started.  Unfortunately, without more concrete and actionable evidence, there was little more which could be done at the time.  However, McCafferty was warned by the Marion police department that her actions were inappropriate and that a complaint had been filed.  Over the next several months, after she had further contact in spite of that warning, evidence continued to mount which ultimately led to McCafferty's arrest on June 9th.

The pattern of behavior that eventually became apparent was one of very carefully calculated decisions to influence, befriend, and eventually seduce a child under her supervision.  Examples of this include, among other things, secretly providing our child with multiple portable devices which could be used to contact him without our knowledge, using other minors to pass information and messages at school, and confiding in friends to provide her with a cover story if ever questioned. 

The statements provided by representatives of BSA in response to McCafferty's arrest that her targets were children not connected to the scouts are simply false.  Our child was, in fact, a member of Cristina McCafferty's troop, and there is every indication that her predatory behavior began long before she was released from BSA.  Her dismissal was, in fact, a direct result of the complaints which we brought to them in January.

We are not personally aware of any other cases of a child being victimized by McCafferty.  However, she was a long standing scout troop leader with many years of tenure she had ample opportunity to target other children under her supervision. This, in combination with the predatorial nature of her interactions with our child are clear warning signs that the BSA must remain ever vigilant to ensure that all of their safeguards are strenuously enforced and that parents must, at all times remain engaged with their children's activities.

In light of this, and other similar cases recently reported in the media, it is our deepest hope, that our experience will help to drive a continuing discussion into this critical topic of adult sexual predation on vulnerable teens. 

Anonymous Parents

Earlier, they told FOX13 their trust was betrayed, and a person they allowed their child to spend so much time with was secretly grooming the teenager.

McCafferty's father was in court. The judge asked him if he wanted to say anything. He replied by asking, "What can I say." One of her sons was also in court.

Her next court date in Marion is July 31 at 9:30.

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Richard Fisher with Memphis Boy Scout office told FOX13 they are no longer associated with Mccafferty.

"We made the separation... don't have anything else to do with her. She's been arrested, so everything is between her and law enforcement right now," he said.

Boy Scouts of America leaders told FOX13 they conduct nationwide background checks, and references are required for every volunteer. They also said they will provide law enforcement with anything they can to help with this investigation.