Former Grizzlies coach opening restaurant in Overton Square

Former Grizzlies coach opening restaurant in Overton Square

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — From German food to soul food, a new restaurant will soon open its doors in Overton Square.

The former coach of the Memphis Grizzlies, Lionel Hollins, is adding to his playbook. He is focusing on food and giving back to our community with his next venture.

"It's been home from the very moment I got here, I really like the city. I like the people here, what they stand for, their values and I like the growth," Hollins said.

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The plan is to open an upscale, Southern-themed restaurant called Bogard's in Overton Square.

"We're going to give 2% of all meals paid for here to the food bank and we're also going to give 2% of the beverages sold to the clean water organizations," Hollins told FOX13.

He believes the restaurant will be able to donate upwards of 30-thousand dollars to both programs every year.

"It is our responsibility as humans to give back and serve our community that we live in to help our communities be as strong as they can," Hollins said.

He told FOX13 the name Bogard is actually an acronym for buying one gives another rare dish.

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"We're going to have you know collard greens, we're gonna have fried chicken, but we're gonna have a healthy menu, we're gonna have salads, we're gonna have baked chicken, baked seafood," Hollins said.

The restaurant is still mapping out everything from seating the menu.

"We're going to have a gospel brunch on Sundays. We're going to have a jazz brunch on Saturdays. We're going to have spoken word once a week," Hollins said.

After 17 years in Memphis, Hollins said this new business allows him reach out to those in need and continue being a part of this community.

"I won’t be involved running the day-to=day. We're going to hire somebody to do that, but when my money is involved, I've got to be involved," Hollins said.

Bogard's is expected to officially open its doors in early August. It's located inside of the old Schweinehous restaurant at 2110 Madison Avenue.

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