Former Melrose star Chris Jones shot on Memphis basketball court

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two people were injured late Tuesday night after a fight led to a shooting on a Memphis basketball court.

Police said people were running from the court in Halle Park after several shots were fired. These courts are right next to the Mt. Moriah police precinct and officers actually heard the shots.

Officers found a man injured on the court. He was not shot, but had a head injury and was involved in a fight.

That man was Chris Jones. He made a name for himself on the basketball courts of Memphis. Now his name  is on a police report after he was shot while playing hoops.

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The report FOX13 obtained said that after a hard foul that left one man lying on the court with a head injury, two men got into a fight. Soon after, a police officer doing paperwork in his office heard several shots fired.

The report said Jones was on the other end of the court when he was shot in the right side of his thigh. He was taken to the hospital by someone on the scene.

FOX13 tried to contact Jones to see how he was doing and to get his reaction to circumstances surrounding the shooting. Our phone calls went unanswered and he was not home.

"By hearing about the guy getting shot. You know that alarms me. By it being this close to a police precinct and things still going on like that. It's alarming," said Barry Jones, who plays at Halle Park often.

FOX13 also spoke with the mother of the man who had the head injury. She told FOX13 her son is doing fine.