Former Mississippi city clerk accused of embezzling more than $215K

A former Mississippi city clerk is being accused of embezzling more than $215,000 from the city over a three-year period.

Former Coldwater City Clerk George Nangah had also been arrested on federal wire fraud charges.

A lot of people in Coldwater said this hurt the small town of only about 1,500 people.

Those living here told FOX13 that amount of money being stolen is going to hurt.

“Well I think the man was wrong for running off like that and abusing our town. With the town’s money,” said resident Wally Sipp.

The State Auditor’s Office told FOX13 Nangah was arrested in nearby Tunica and is facing multiple counts of federal wire fraud charges.

He is accused of making $116,000 in unapproved purchases, including hotel and airline tickets.

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The State Auditor’s Office also said he made $46,000 in direct payments to himself and $53,000 in payments to another individual in a kickback scheme.

No one at the town hall would speak to the case, but a man who didn’t want to be identified did.

“It hurt the town tremendously because the town doesn’t have that big of a budget to have excess money going out of it without it being accounted for,” the man said.

Nangah has been ordered by the State Auditor’s Office to pay back more than $302,000, which includes investigation costs.

He jumped town with all of the town’s money.

The State Auditor’s Office told FOX13 they are pushing the DA’s office for embezzlement charges against Nangah.

District Attorney John Champion told FOX13 those charges could be coming in the next few days.