Former Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace stepping up in the lives of young men

WATCH: Former Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace stepping up in the lives of young men

FAYETTE COUNTY, Tenn. — It’s a game that will never be forgotten.

It has been five years since former Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace led his team to victory over Alabama.

But that game was just the start of how Wallace was going to leave his mark in the sports industry.

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“I want my work to show as I continue my career. I want my record to speak for itself,” Fayette Ware Coach Bo Wallace explained.

Wallace, who is now the offensive coordinator and assistant coach at Fayette Ware, is using his experience to take his team to the next level.

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Not just on the field, but in the challenge of life.

“It’s just teaching kids practice habits. Staying on them and holding them accountable,” Wallace said.

The athletic director at Fayette Ware told Fox 13 it was his top priority to get Wallace to their school.

“When you have a guy like Coach Wallace with a story, history, and tradition like he has - we knew we needed him here,” Jordan Laxton explained.

The head coach at Fayette Ware told Fox 13 that Wallace has stepped into the lives of the kids at the High School, which is something they really needed.

Wallace is already taking it upon himself to invest in the lives of the young men who don’t come from a solid foundation.

And he isn’t using his name as leverage.

He is hoping to manifest something great by showing his team what can happen when you stick together, no matter where you come from.

“The great example of football is no race involved. You can be black or white. A republican or democrat. It doesn’t matter, “ Wallace said. “We’re a family, we’re brothers. Look at the kids and they come together no matter how different their backgrounds are - all for one common goal: winning the game.”

Bo’s work is evident in the record, transforming the team’s offensive average, maxing out to 35 points per game.