• Former Oxford police officer accused of killing Mississippi mother transferred to different jail

    By: Jacque Masse


    OXFORD, Miss. - A former Oxford police officer accused of killing a local mother has transferred to another jail.

    This happened after a picture of Matthew Kinne inside the Panola County Jail surfaced on social media.

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    He is accused of killing Dominque Clayton.

    Sheriff Dennis Darby said the photo was taken out of perspective. He said the picture shows Kinne standing in the break room where inmates can see a nurse, lawyer or make a phone call.

    Darby emphasizes security officers were inside the room.

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    However, people who saw the picture on social media were questioning if Kinne was receiving special treatment.

    The former Oxford officer is accused of killing Clayton, a mother of three.

    "It just reeks of white supremacy and law enforcement supporting law enforcement," said Clayton's family attorney Carlos Moore. 

    Darby said Kinne was not receiving special treatment. He explained guards were present in the room with Kinne.

    Still, Moore is not pleased.

    "It was just a slap in the face to the family of Dominique Clayton. It's made them more resilient and determined to get justice for Dominique," said Moore.

    Kinne was transferred to the Union County Jail on Thursday.

    Moore said the family will continue to fight for justice.

    "Trust and believe this family is intending on getting justice from all those responsible for harming them or their loved one," said Moore.

    The case will be presented before the grand jury next week.

    Background info:

    In addition to the demands of millions of dollars, the release outlined a timeline of what they believe happened leading up to Clayton's murder:

    NOTE: This timeline has not been substantiated by law enforcement or investigators, but it is what the victim's family said happened.

    • Approx. 1 week before the shooting – Clayton informs Kinne of the possibility that she may be pregnant
    • Tuesday, May 14 – Kinne visits Clayton's home unexpectedly; Clayton expresses concerns to her sister that Kinne may cause her harm
    • Thursday, May 16 – Kinne forces Clayton to get rid of her dogs
    • Sunday, May 19 (approx. 1:45 a.m.) – Kinne enters Clayton's home while on-duty and in uniform and shoots Clayton to death while she is sleeping
    • Sunday, May 19 (approx. 1-2 p.m.) – Clayton's body is discovered by her 8-year-old son after the children were dropped off at her home

    Days after Clayton's murder, two Oxford police officers – Ryan Winters and Collins Bryant – resigned from the force. It is unclear when exactly the officers submitted their resignations to the department or why they left.

    Officials did not say what connection, if any, those officers have to the murder suspect or victim.

    Meanwhile, the family's attorney had a lot to say about the resignations and how it fits into the case.

    "These individuals resigned under duress and they did resign because there were some improprieties in relation to Ms. Clayton," said Moore.

    Moore told FOX13 these officers knew something.

    He believes the Attorney General was called in for an internal investigation because there are other officers who were acting inappropriately.

    According to Moore, the family believes there is proof that shows Kinne was on-duty the night of Clayton's murder. 

    According to Dominique Clayton's sister Shyjuan, Clayton and Michael Kinne were involved in an affair, and the incident stemmed from a "domestic situation."

    Friends told FOX13 Dominique Clayton was shot in the back of the head during a domestic situation.

    Her eight-year-old son found her after being dropped off at the house by a family member on Sunday.

    Interim Oxford Police Chief Jeff McCutchen said the department learned on Sunday that Matthew Paul Kinne -- an Oxford police officer -- was possibly "involved" with Clayton. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation took over the case, and Kinne was developed as a suspect.

    The victim, Dominique Lashelle Clayton, was home alone Saturday because her four children were spending the night with their uncle.

    When they came home on Sunday, her eight-year-old son went inside with hopes of luring his mother out for a prank. He came back outside alone and told his family she was dead.

    Officials told FOX13 Dominique was shot in the back of the head. Family said she was sleeping when she was murdered.

    Kinne was booked into the Panola County Jail, where he currently awaits a bond hearing.

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