Former SCS teacher says her name was used to give out grades months after retirement

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — More former Shelby County School employees are coming forward with stories of alleged corruption and cover-ups.

A former high school teacher said her name was used to give out grades months after she had retired.

“It was wrong for Shelby County Schools to utilize my name and give children grades,” said Jacquelyn Webb, a former teacher at Kingsbury High School. “I have the evidence because students thought that I was still employed.”

The evidence is student progress reports. The reports are dated April of 2015, with Webb’s name still listed as the teacher.

However, Webb also has documentation that she retired from Shelby County Schools on September 9, 2014.

“For an entire year they never hired a teacher after I retired, and Shelby County Schools utilized my name and gave over 100 some students grades for an entire year.”

Webb believes it was not an accident.

“I taught ninth and twelfth grade and some of those students needed credits to graduate. It was easier for them to use my name, I was gone.”

Webb said she did not retire because she wanted to stop teaching.

“I was forced to retire after I exposed my principal and his sexual activities,” she said.

Webb believes SCS retaliated.

A district spokesperson confirmed via email Monday that Webb “retired in lieu of being terminated.” SCS claims they had valid reasons to fire Webb, which they still tried to do even after she retired.

“This a common practice of the Shelby County school system. When you blow the whistle they are going to get rid of you.”

Webb said people need to know, because the students are paying the price.

“If a child hasn't mastered the subject and you move them on to the next class, they are going to struggle. So they set the students up for failure.”

Webb reached out to FOX13 after she saw the story last week about the Trezevant scandal.

She hopes the truth comes to light and said SCS needs to be held accountable.

“I saw the story and I thought about what had happened to me, and I knew that he was telling the truth.”

Webb did file a lawsuit against SCS. She represented herself and accused them of retaliation.

The district pointed out the lawsuit was thrown out earlier this year, but Webb's grading complaints were not mentioned in that lawsuit.