Former UofM basketball star accused of bailing on nearly $100 bar tab

Former University of Memphis basketball star Dedric Lawson is accused of walking out on a nearly $100 tab from a local restaurant.

According to a police report, Lawson was at Bar Louie in Overton Square around 1:30 a.m. on Thursday when the alleged incident happened.

A waitress told officers the college basketball standout had a tab worth $88.20 in food and drinks, but he left without paying. She said he walked out of the restaurant and got into black Nissan Maxima, which then drove off.

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The waitress said she went to high school with Lawson and said he “plays college basketball in Kansas,” according to the police report.

Dedric Lawson and his older brother, KJ, transferred to Kansas from the University of Memphis in April. During the 2016-17 season, Dedric averaged 19.2 points and 9.9 rebounds while KJ scored 12.3 points.

A week after the transfer was announced, a Snapchat video began circulating on social media that showed KJ making derogatory statements toward UofM head coach Tubby Smith.

>> Video shows KJ Lawson making expletive statement toward Tubby Smith

In the video, Lawson says "...this is what we do when we leave Tubby. F*** Tubby."

KJ Lawson later apologized for what he called “inexcusable behavior.”

In July, reported that Dedric Lawson was suspended for the Kansas Jayhawks upcoming trip to Italy due to an incident at practice.

The following statement was released on Dedric Lawson's behalf:

“Mr. Lawson was wrongfully accused of a bad act, more specifically, theft by deception. It is undisputed

the Mr. Lawson has been a valued customer of “Bar Louie”. 

Mr. Lawson paid his tab like you would expect of a valued customer. Under no circumstances did he 

authorize anyone else to use his name for a tab at “Bar Louie”. Unbeknownst to Mr. Lawson, someone 

perpetrated a fraud on “Bar Louie” under Mr. Lawson’s name. 

Mr. Lawson has not been charged with any criminal act and we do not foresee any charges in the future. 

However, If he is charged with theft by deception, we will vigorously defend his position. 

We are surprised that as a valued customer, Mr. Lawson would be slandered without the proper 

opportunity to respond.”