Four arrested after Whitehaven High School fight

Four arrested after Whitehaven High School fight

Memphis, TN — Four people were arrested after a fight broke out at Whitehaven High School Thursday morning.

Eighteen-year-old Terrenzo Pennington and his mother Takedrea are now behind bars.

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Police said Pennington was registering for school when a fight broke out between he and another student.

The teen's mother and brother jumped into the fight. A deputy was injured trying to break up the scuffle, according to the affidavit,

One student witness who didn't want to be identified, told FOX13 fights at the the school are rare.

"Whitehaven is not really a fight school," the student said. "Three times out of the year there might be a fight."

Pennington is charged with carrying a weapon on school property, assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

His mother is charged with disorderly conduct.

Police said Pennington admitted to having a pair of brass knuckles on his person.

Witnesses told police the mother picked up a chair, but did not hit anyone.

Parents said they were shocked the in incident took place.

"Well I think it's pretty safe myself," grandparent Jerry Wallace said. "I come here every day pretty much. I see quite a few officers after school."

Two other students were transported to Juvenile Court on disorderly conduct charges.

According to police, the incident was all gang-related and that there have been several MPD reports concerning all the parties involved.