FOX13 Investigates: Fighting youth crime with cash

Nearly $1 million was invested by the city of Memphis just this week to keep kids away from crime.

The thought is, if they go to school or work, they won’t be stealing, raping or killing.

>>Community leaders working to curb youth violence

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In a big city like Memphis, there's plenty of influence for kids.

“We just play basketball and games and stuff and do like a lot of fun things,” said 13-year-old Malek Nibly.

Nibly and 17-year-old Kuishawn Haeary were walking to an after school ministry program on Friday when we stopped to talk to them Nibly said,“That helps us keep us off the streets and stuff and selling drugs and that.”

But there comes a point in every young person's life where they reach a crossroad and they must decide which way they're going to go.

Jennyfer Washington with the Help Tech Institute of Memphis works with high school graduates and GED holders between the ages of 18-25 get skills for high paying jobs.

“I really want anyone, any youth that comes in these doors to be successful at some type of career field,” said Washington.

They were one of five such organizations that got part of the $830,000 pot of money invested by the city of Memphis this week to keep kids away from crime.

Washington said, “They can come in and just be safe and know that they're welcome and that people care.”

The money is supposed to be used for things like education supplies, training and mentoring.

The contracts were signed for one year.