FOX13 investigates finds pre-teen crime data is limited

WATCH: FOX13 investigates finds pre-teen crime data is limited

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — FOX13 dug into crimes statistics among pre-teens after a 12-year-old attempted to carjack a woman.

We learned that pre-teen crime, specifically, isn't often talked about.

The most recent data we could find about pre-teen crime—is from 2008—so we dug into the reason why the data is so elusive.

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The data about pre-teen crime is tough to find and there's plenty of information about juvenile and adolescent crime, including teenagers.

The research we found was from the Chapin Center for Children at the University of Chicago from a 2008 study.

In the study, we found quite a few differences between pre-teen and teenage offenders.

When researchers published that study, pre-teens were less likely to be in possession of a firearm than teenagers, 2 percent versus 6 percent.

But they were more likely to commit their offense in school, 29 percent versus 19 percent.

Pre-teens were far more likely to victimize children under age 7, 9 percent vs. 2 percent, or ages 7 to 12, 51 percent versus 9 percent.

Pre-teens are less likely to be arrested, 29 percent versus 37 percent, than teenagers.

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The fact that pre-teens are arrested less often than teens could account for why information on pre-teen crime is so difficult to find.

When we looked at data on the Tennessee Department of Corrections website, we discovered that in the last two years, every single juvenile who was under TDOC jurisdiction, was 16 or 17 years old besides one 15-year-old back in 2017.

We reached out to MPD and the Shelby County Sheriff's Office for local information on pre-teen crime but have not received that information yet.

We will update that information when it becomes available.