• FOX13 Investigates hit and run problems in Midtown

    By: Marius Payton


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Midtown neighborhood has been a hotbed for traffic accidents and people there want police to do something about it. 

    After 2 cars were swiped just last night on Peabody Ave., FOX13 spoke with concerned neighbors Monday and they said parked cars being hit by distracted drivers has been an ongoing issue on that street.

    We spoke with a man who said he's lived in his Midtown house since April. That's just one year and he's had one car hit twice and another car totaled. All from distracted drivers on Peabody Ave.

    "Last night we were sitting in here and heard a noise and it was a loud noise and we heard that noise before from last year when we got hit”, Greg White said. 

    White then came outside to a damaged side view mirror on his car.

    "Off the top my head without looking at my phone I would have to say 12 to 15", remembered White.

    These are the parked cars White says he and his neighbors have had hit along Peabody Avenue. White has been hit 3 times in the last year alone. 

    "The car last year was completely totaled and this one luckily it's more cosmetic damage but like I said three times", said White.

    White believed it's a combination of distracted driving and how close the lanes are to cars that are parked on the street. 

    We used a Go Pro camera to give you a glimpse of just how close moving cars are, to the cars parked along Peabody Ave. 

    White told FOX13 his neighbor's car was hit last night when it was parked right here. He said the same truck that hit his car, ran into the back of her car. 

    "My car is totaled so that's not what not what I wanted to come home to after being exhausted", said Lauren Paquette, who lives next door to White.

    Both neighbors said that a school in the area provides some relief when the lights are blinking before and after the bell rings. But they also say they need more from police.

    "Some sort of increased enforcement and awareness to the public that they're riding through residential areas and that there's a lot of kids in things that happened to property like this it gets damaged", said White. 

    "It's kind a like a main thorough fare and it gets more traffic than other streets do in Midtown so yeah it would be nice. It's kind of scary", Paquette said.

    White said he knows that property can be replaced. But he is also concerned about a distracted driver possibly hitting one of the kids that call this neighborhood home.

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