FOX13 Investigates: Lead pipes and daycare drinking water

FOX13 Investigates: Lead pipes and daycare drinking water

Memphis, TN — MLGW is testing the water in homes all across Memphis.

They are also replacing lead pipes in daycares.

Patrick McCabe has had his water tested three times in the last few months.

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All three tests showed lead content above the limit the EPA says is safe.  “If I would of had really young children, I probably would of been concerned” McCabe said.

FOX13 found 790 homes have been tested since we started asking questions last year.  12 tested above the EPA safe limit.

MLGW is still working to find out where all their lead pipes are located.  But they started sending a letter to homeowners warning them a lead pipe leading to their home will be replaced.

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“They are going to replace all of them it's just takes a little time,” said Memphis Councilwoman Patrice Robinson.

We also uncovered MLGW has replaced the lead pipes in five daycare centers.

We went to each one, but the owners did not agree to talk to us.

Councilwoman Robinson, who chairs MLGW’s committee did. “That is so important because we have children and we don't know what will happen in the future as it relates to their health,” said Robinson.

After our series of investigations, Robinson started asking MLGW more specific questions.  “The accountability is already set in place.  They're to come to the committee meetings that I have instructed them to every quarter to bring us up to date on where they are on the original list that we have,” Robinson said.

Accountability is a start, but Robinson said she now wants to see consistency.

MLGW declined requests for comment.

MLGW's next report to Robinson's committee is in March.