Mississippi town has almost zero police coverage

COAHOMA COUNTY, Miss. — With almost 1,000 people living in Jonestown, Mississippi, there’s almost zero police coverage.

The mayor of Jonestown, Kenny Lester, said the town’s two police officers were let go. He further stated that the police chief’s hours were cut.

Maryanne Jackson has lived in Jonestown all her life, she's angry because she wants protection.

"We have a police department that’s only getting 20 hours a week, which is no coverage," Jackson said.

Mayor Lester told FOX13 the two officers were let go because they were not doing their jobs and budget reasons.

Lester said the police chief’s schedule has been cut to 20 hours a week until he can convince the board to fire him.

Another Jonestown resident, Joe Wright, doesn't like it. "They need police here because there is too much that goes on here," Wright said.

FOX13 asked where the police chief was, city officials said, “He’s not on duty today,” which means there is no one patrolling Jonestown.

When FOX13 dialed the Jonestown Police Department, we got no answer. We are told Coahoma County Deputies are also covering the area when the police chief is not.

Trouble is, the Coahoma County Sheriff's Office is at least 20 minutes away.