• FOX13 Investigates pressing MLGW for answers after local apartment complex hit with $56K water bill

    By: Kody Leibowitz


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - In July, Stone Ridge at Germantown Falls was hit with a $56,000 water bill. 

    It wasn’t for one month’s use of water at the Memphis apartment complex. It was for a 17-month mistake by MLGW.

    ORIGINAL STORY: Memphis apartment complex forced to pay MLGW more than $55k after new meter installed

    Thursday, FOX13 Investigates reported that MLGW sent Stone Ridge at Germantown Falls a bill for water use between February 2018 and July 2019. 

    The utility company under-billed the complex. 


    MLGW said it’s because of the old meters on site of the complex.

    According to MLGW, Stone Ridge had a compound meter with two readings. 

    Last February, MLGW reportedly only received one reading for the meter; the second didn’t register. 

    MLGW put in a work order for that meter.

    The company admitted on Thursday the work order was canceled, “because of workload,” according to a MLGW spokesperson. 

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    “The next month, same thing happened. An unusual reading. They put another work order in. That one got canceled and that went on for the whole time period,” said Wolfe.

    FOX13 Investigates emailed MLGW Friday with a list of questions, including ‘were any alarms set off that there was continuously no reading at one of Stone Ridge’s meters?’ and ‘how often is MLGW under-billing customers each year?’ 

    Late Friday, a MLGW spokesperson said the utility company was still working on our request and would get answers back to us Monday morning. 

    “MLGW could have met me halfway. Or done something instead of just tell me ‘sorry for the inconvenience’, because that’s $56,000 I just lost off the bottom-line,” said Wolfe.

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