MEMPHIS WEATHER: Joey Sulipeck breaks down the latest chance for snow, freezing rain this evening

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Lots of questions about the weather today so FOX13's Chief Meteorologist Joey Sulipeck has the latest information for the chance for icy weather.

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As we've been saying, things are going to change quickly.

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Showers will continue off and on all day, into tonight.

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Temps this morning are in the mid-50's, but that's going to begin changing around noon to 2 p.m.

Winds are going to get TURBO-charged (a wind advisory goes into effect this afternoon into tomorrow morning) and temperatures will PLUNGE.

By dinner time tonight, we'll be around 35º (windchill 23º), and tomorrow morning it will be (get ready) 23º (WINDCHILL 9º!).

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The next issue concerns the potential for a wintry mix or light snow accumulation this evening.

Joey will be tracking this for you all night on FOX13 News and will be pinpointing exactly what is falling where (and what the ground temps will be).

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"As of this writing (9:36 am), I'm not expecting "widespread" issues ... BUT ... you know Memphis weather. It often has a mind of it's own," Chief Meteorologist Joey Sulipeck said in a Facebook page.

There very well may be pockets or small regions that have to deal with some slick roads ... so make sure you're informed.

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IMPORTANT: As of now - I'm not as worried about snow as I am about freezing rain. That could be a community to community problem depending on how quickly the ground cools.

Know this: your FOX13 Severe Weather Team is all over this! And we'll pass along every bit of new information along with our thoughts on what it means for you and your community all day and all night.

REMINDER: PLEASE prepare for EXTREME cold over the next few days .... with more chances to come.

7 p.m. update: Memphis is currently at 38° (windchill of 28°) and falling.

Areas like Arlington and Covington are reporting sleet/freezing rain with some slight buildup.

We will continue to see sporadic pockets of rain moving through over the next few hours as the numbers drop.

This is problematic because it's going to be SO widespread and isolated.

This type of 'spread out' ice accumulation can lead drivers to think everything is fine - until they hit an icy patch.

Temperatures will fall to roughly 22° tonight with a windchill tomorrow morning between 2° and 8°.