• Frayser residents demand answers day after U.S. Marshals fatally shot Brandon Webber

    By: Jeremy Pierre


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - People who live in Frayser, where a U.S. Marshal killed a man, are still demanding answers.

    Family and friends of Brandon Webber spent the day in front of the home where the shooting happened.

    Many Frayser residents told FOX13 they want to keep things peaceful.

    People who have lived in the are for more than 40 years said they have never experienced anything in Frayser like last night.

    Durham Street’s residents all said the same thing, the day after U.S. Marshals killed Webber.

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    “I just want peace and we want transparency,” Reginald Johnson, a resident, said.

    “A lot of questions need to be answered for real, like right now,” Terrence Boyce, another resident, said.

    Wednesday night, police blocked off several blocks of Overton Crossing as TBI investigated a shooting involving a U.S. Marshal. Law enforcement officers from several local, state and federal agencies dressed in riot gear to control the crowd.

    At least 36 officers and deputies received injuries while working to control the intense crowd and six police officers went to the hospital.

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    “To me, last night, I saw a lot of anger, a lot of hurt and a lot of people just tired,” Boyce said.

    Boyce and Johnson live a block away from where the shooting happened on Durham. Both witnessed the massive crowd.

    Boyce said last night highlighted a bigger issue between authority and community.

    “It’s a disconnect with the people. If you are a leader, you suppose to have your people right here beside you because you represent the people. What type of leader are you?” Boyce said.

    Johnson said law enforcement can keep the peace by allowing people to know what led U.S. Marshals to shoot and kill Webber.

    “Just more transparency, that’s what we want,” he said.

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