• Fred's Pharmacy distribution center to layoff 80 workers in Memphis

    By: Siobhan Riley


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Workers with Fred’s Distribution Center will be out of a job soon. 

    The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development posted a warning notice, saying this would include 80 warehouse positions at Fred’s located on Getwell Road in Memphis. 

    We are still working to learn what is next for employees who will be out of a job. 

    However, it is clear that people don’t like the idea of possibly changing pharmacies – especially when the opinion among those who spoke with FOX13 is that Fred’s offers quality drugs for cheaper prices.

    Elizabeth Warner relies on Fred’s to get her prescriptions at least three times a month. She just learned Fred’s could sell pharmacies.

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    According to reports, Fred’s is selling some pharmacy files in 185 stores to Walgreens. 

    “I’m not happy about it because I use this pharmacy all the time and I’m happy with the pharmacists in there,” said Warner.

    The report said the companies will start transferring files later this year, and the process should be complete by the beginning of 2019.

    Another customer of Fred’s Pharmacy told FOX13 she is worried. 

    “It’s disturbing, it’s really disturbing because that’s the cheapest. I really believe that’s the cheapest pharmacy you can get,” said Donna Motta. 

    Motta said she can’t afford to switch pharmacies because she’s on a fixed income. 

    Reports also said that the interim CEO announced they are eliminating their debt balance. 

    FOX13 reached out to Fred’s headquarters in Memphis, but they have not responded yet.

    According to reports, Fred’s will continue to operate more than 160 pharmacies across nearly 600 stores.

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