Friends still seeking justice 3 years after Southaven man died while 'hogtied' by police

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — It has been three years since a man died after being detained by Southaven Police.

Troy Goode was attending a Widespread Panic concert and was “hogtied” after coming in contact with officers.

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And today, information is still slow to come out.

Goode’s best friend, Andrew Kratzke, said it has been tough but still believes justice will come.

Goode was detained in 2015 by police and died still in custody.

“Most of us didn’t realize what was going on at the time. We didn’t find out about it until later,” Kratzke said.

Goode's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit, claiming he was "hogtied," and placed face down on a stretcher outside a Widespread Panic concert.

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He died several hours after complaining about shortness of breath.

A lawsuit was also filed against the city of Southaven.

Kratzke said it happened after the two separated.

“You get separated from someone, you think they’ll be alright, we’ll see them tomorrow,” Kratzke said. “Unfortunately, there was no tomorrow.”

The two had been friends for 32 years.

Even their children were born just days apart.

Kratzke said he hopes changes come soon so this doesn’t happen again.

“Hopefully, there will be some policy reviews and the family will continue to fight for justice,” Kratzke said.