Full case file reveals new information in case of man shot and killed by Southaven police

WATCH: MBI report contradicts statement from Southaven police, attorney says

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — FOX13 uncovered new information in the 2017 shooting death of a Southaven man at his home.

Ismael Lopez died when Southaven police officers were trying to serve a warrant, but they had the wrong house.

FOX13 obtained the full case file for the Ismael Lopez case. You can read the documents below:

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Two years later, there are now new questions about if Lopez was even a threat to the police officer who shot him.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation released more than a thousand pages of documents from the case files, including diagrams showing the crime scene following the deadly shooting.

Lawyers representing the family of Lopez got their hands on the evidence file from the case in December.

They spoke about the findings in a press conference Thursday afternoon:

ISMAEL LOPEZ: Lawyers for the family of the man killed by Southaven police are speaking after the full case file was released by MBI. More: http://bit.ly/2DZeGdW

Posted by FOX13 Memphis on Thursday, February 7, 2019

A diagram shows exactly where the door is, where Lopez’s gun is, and where the fatal bullet hit Lopez in the back of his head. The new information raised red flags with former law enforcement officers.


According to the diagram, Lopez’s body was found 14 feet away from the shotgun Lopez was accused of pointing at the officers.

Two of the officers told investigators Lopez came to the front door with a shotgun pointed at them after his dog charged at one of them.

The diagram shows after the officer shot Lopez, his body landed 14 from the front door.

MBI said one officer gave Lopez verbal commands to put his gun down and fired his gun three times, but they never announced themselves as police officers.

A former law enforcement officer told FOX13 the diagram suggested Lopez couldn’t have been a threat to police – but police were a threat to him.

Retired Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Collins said there are more questions than answers surrounding the case.

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"It doesn't take a lot in crime scene expertise or investigation to see that there is something not quite right with what I am looking at,” Collins said. "Why isn't the weapon still in his hand if he posed a threat? Instead, it's lying on the sofa that is at least seven feet away from where he rested.”

According to MBI documents, the front door was open 1-3 inches when police shot into the home.

Collins said he questions if the officers had Lopez in clear sight to determine if he was a threat.

"There is a problem, I have an unanswered question. One, the weapon itself. If I can imagine the person did not comply, why is the weapon in the position that it is and not closer to the victi?” Collins said.

Attorneys representing Lopez’s family are scheduled to speak about the case findings and their next steps on Feb. 7.