Gangster Disciples threaten local authorities in retaliation for deadly shooting in Frayser

WATCH: Gangster Disciples threaten local authorities in retaliation for deadly shooting in Frayser

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Law enforcement agencies across the Mid-South are on high alert. FOX13 confirmed a dangerous threat was made to officers in Mississippi.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety said the threat came from someone they believe is a gang member. The message from public safety is to “use extra caution and be on high alert.”

And it all came following the violent protests that ensued after U.S. Marshals shot and killed Brandon Webber, 20, in Frayser on Wednesday.

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FOX13 learned the Gangster Disciples, a prominent street gang with a large presence in the Memphis area, made a threat toward Mississippi authorities.

“This is a very serious threat. It’s very evident by what occurred that night,” said Mike Williams, president of the Memphis Police Association.


Williams is familiar with the gang, and now MDPS is reading up on who they are dealing with.

A captain within the department told FOX13 Webber’s father made the threat. It is retaliation for what U.S. Marshals did to his son just days ago.

And Memphis police said they heard about the threat as well.

“We definitely got wind of it. My inbox started blowing up as soon as people start realizing,” Williams said.

Webber was wanted for a shooting in Hernando. Investigators said they found him in Frayser.

According to investigators, Webber rammed a car into their cruisers several times and got out of the car with a gun. Marshals shot him, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

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That deadly shooting caused an uproar across the Mid-South and echoed throughout the U.S.

“It may have attributed to that level that that civil unrest rose to that night because it did involve some of what one was possibly associated some way, shape, form or fashion with a supposed gang,” Williams said.

MDPS officials provided a statement regarding the threats made: “The thin blue line protects our citizens every day, and their safety must not be compromised.”

“We are just hoping that the individual was possibly making these threats finally comes to the realization that nobody wants to see a young man die,” said Williams.

The gang’s threats are considered to be against all officers, but officials told FOX13 they believe the U.S. Marshals are being specifically targeted.