Germantown community rallying to help families ahead of anticipated flooding

WATCH: Germantown community rallying to help families ahead of anticipated flooding

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — As the rain continues to come from Tropical Storm Barry, some homeowners in Germantown are still recovering from major flooding in June.

Community members told FOX13 those families are not eligible for FEMA assistance because they did not meet the necessary threshold for assistance.

Some people who had their homes ruined by the flooding in June are a little anxious about this week’s rain.

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Diane Martucci was one of dozens of homeowners who woke up to water in her home last month.

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“Fortunately, I don’t think we’re going to get as much as we did the last time, but everyone is going to be nervous after their houses have basically been having to be gutted and start over,” said Martucci.

Since the flooding, community group “Germantown Helps” has been working with dozens of residents with clean-up and reconstruction, but they have had some delays.

“Electrical work, getting those permits from Shelby County and having them come back and inspect it before they sign off on it had been a little bit of a hold up,” said Kristina Garner, founder of the group.

Garner said because those families are not eligible for FEMA assistance, the community is stepping up with the “Germantown Gives Flood Relief” program.

The city allocated $250,000, along with $100,000 from Shelby County and $30,000 from local donors. However, she said they will need more financial support.

A panel of seven community members will review those applications for flood relief. Organizers said the fund will cover things like demolition, debris removal and temporary housing costs – along with other expenses related to clean-up and reconstruction.