Germantown residents use Facebook group to coordinate cleanup efforts after flooding

WATCH: Germantown residents use Facebook group to coordinate cleanup efforts after flooding

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — Cleanup efforts continue in Germantown after more than 125 homes were flooded out last week.

The city’s sanitation contractor, Waste Pro, had 12 trucks remove storm debris and offer manpower to residents over the weekend.

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But days later, there are still mountains of debris lining the sidewalk as dozens of Germantown families try to sort through what’s left of their homes.

“We have seen flooding in the area before but never to this degree and never to where people’s houses are destroyed – the whole first level and it just destroys their lives,” said Kristina Garner, Germantown homeowner.

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After seeing photos of the damage, Kristina Garner said she had to do something help and she wasn’t the only one.

She created the "Germantown HELPS" Facebook group to coordinate volunteers for cleanup efforts and collect supplies.

So far, she said volunteers have cleaned up at least seven homes, and one group of 40 volunteers ripped out the flooring and sheetrock for one family over the weekend.

“Because it was going to cost tens of thousands of dollars to rip all that out for her. We’re trying to save people money that don’t have insurance and most of them don’t so they can spend the money on the rehab afterwards,” said Garner.

Germantown Fire Chief John Selberg told FOX13 the city has reached out to the county and state for assistance. But he said it’s difficult to reach the threshold for a disaster declaration for a small, localized disaster like this one.

Garner said they’ll keep helping their neighbors as long as they can.

Germantown police have stepped up patrols in these affected areas, and public works and engineering crews are assessing damage to fences and drainage ditches.