Giraffe gives birth at Memphis Zoo

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Move over April, Memphis just welcomed a baby giraffe Monday afternoon.

Stacy Helms caught the entire thing on camera, and said she was so glad she did.

>>PHOTOS: Giraffe gives birth at Memphis Zoo

“I always am overwhelmed with God's design so that was my first thought,” she said. “So amazing to be there and see that.”

The giraffe is a first time mother. Right now the zoo said she and the baby are bonding, and won’t be out for the rest of the week. Still, dozens of people saw the birth while at the exhibit.

“He was so cute with his little ears, so yeah, I was so glad we got to see it,” Helms said.

She said she was so excited to post the video, but never expected so many people to care.

“It’s kind of gross, a little bit, but nobody looked at it that way,” she said. “They were like, this is wonderful, beautiful, awesome.”

Giraffes always give birth while standing, and babies fall head first. This encourages them to take their first breath.

“It didn’t move at first, but she started licking him, and you know nuzzling him, and pretty soon he was up,” Helms said.

WARNING  *This video contains graphic images of a natural birth at the Memphis Zoo* 

Video from Stacey Helms via Facebook.

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