• Gov. Bill Lee plans to make a difference in the Mid-South

    By: Siobhan Riley


    Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said training skilled workers is something he hopes to accomplish while in office.

    He announced FedEx Logistics is moving its headquarters to the former Gibson building in downtown Memphis.

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    FOX13 also asked the governor about his vision for Shelby County and the state.

    Tuesday’s announcement at the site was the governor’s first economic announcement since he’s been in office for about three weeks.  

    He said this will create a strong economy.

    Community leaders said the major announcement of FedEx Logistics relocating to downtown Memphis will have a huge impact. 

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    “It is exciting that over the last couple years that there have been a number of globally marketed companies locate to downtown Memphis,” Lee said.

    FedEx Logistics will become the fourth major corporation to move downtown.  

    When we asked the governor about his plans for Shelby County, he said it starts with developing an attractive workforce.

    “You know I rolled out something last week called the governor’s investment and vocational, education act to provide for educational opportunities that will train a skilled workforce for the future,” he said.

    Lee said creating safer neighborhoods plays a role too. 

    One huge setback in Memphis was when Electrolux recently announced the closing of its Memphis plant, meaning hundreds of people will be out of jobs. 

    A spokesperson with the state’s Department of Economic and Community Development said the 2010 contract didn’t include a claw back provision. This would have allowed the granting entity to get their money back if the company didn’t meet expectations. 

    Lee said he wants to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

    “We will have a claw back provision announced when we announce what the incentives package is,” he said.

    Employees will move into the Gibson building in April 2020.  

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