Government shutdown could affect many local breweries in Mid-South

WATCH: Government shutdown could affect many local breweries in Mid-South

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The extended government shutdown continues to cause issues across the country.

Now, it could affect beer makers across the United States – and right here in the Mid-South.

For Memphis-made beer, the shutdown may keep the local breweries from opening more operations.

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The government agency that governs the way beer makers distribute their products is currently closed.

That agency is called the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

Anytime a brewery wants to come out with a new or seasonal beer, they must get the label approved by the TTB.

“There is two people now, but there used to be one guy that did all of the label approval for the TTB," said Drew Barton, who works at Memphis Made Beer.

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Barton said the shutdown is not affecting the business now. However, if the shutdown is prolonged further, Memphis Made could feel some effects in the long-run.

"The only issue would be for permitting a second location and the same office does all the permitting,” Barton said.

Later this year, Barton said Memphis Made will open a second location and the TTB would need to give them permits to sell beer in the new spot.

Barton said he hopes the shutdown can end soon so that paper work isn’t stalled for their new location when the TTB reopens.

"If that paper work gets backed up, our timeline will get backed up. I'm hopeful it’s not too big of an issue,” Barton said.