Governor Bill Lee announced 150 new jobs coming to Dyersberg, Tennessee

WATCH: 150news jobs created in Dyersburg, Tennessee

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A major manufacturing company announced 150 new jobs for employees in Dyersberg, Tennessee.

This comes after Ermco purchased a new warehouse and building in June.

Governor Bill Lee said it’s important to focus on job growth - especially in rural communities. Lee told us jobs in the manufacturing industry are important for future generations.

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FOX13 was there as Lee took a tour of the new Ermco warehouse — where 150 new jobs are available.

It’s about 220,000 thousand square feet—lots of room for workers to build transformers.

CEO Bill Reffert said job interviews are already taking place. He is happy to provide more work for people in Dyersberg.

"I still feel pride every time I drive into the parking lot. Every morning I see new trucks and cars, and I talk to employees. They have kids in college, I know Ermco was able to provide that," Reffert explained.

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Governor Bill Lee said it’s important to focus on job growth in rural communities.

“I believe it's important to have a balanced economy across the state. Every Tennessean regardless of where they choose to live to have access to opportunity that why we need to strengthen our rural communities,” Lee explained.

He also spoke about the importance of skilled trade jobs—especially for young adults entering the workforce.

Lee said, “We have 4 out of 10 kids in our state that don’t go to a traditional four-year college, and we want to create pathways of success for them these kinds of jobs are the backbone of our economy. We need to create an education system that develops this type of workforce.”

You don't need experience to apply. Ermco will have training programs for new employees.