Murdered Memphis teen was weeks away from joining armed forces

WATCH: Teenager shot and killed in bedroom

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Lunitta Robinson was clearly hurting when we recalled the lost conversation she had with her nephew on Monday night.

Wartario Franklin Jr .was shot and killed Tuesday morning.

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“He couldn't stop talking about his future in the Navy. He was ready to go ready to serve his country,” Robinson said.

Then at 2:50 Tuesday morning, police said two bullets stole all that away as a killer crept to Wartario's bedroom windows and shot him multiple times.

“I don't have the words for it right now he was very excited he called me last night and let me know that he was going to Boot Camp he was excited," Robinson said.

Family members told FOX13 they believe Wartario was targeted because the killer knew exactly which room he lived in.

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Family members tell us they don't know why anyone would want to kill him.

They tell us he was a smart kid always going out of his way to make people happy he did not like to fight and always had people laughing. The killing makes no sense to his family.

"He is a good kid just graduated from Whitehaven high school he always kept a job. He worked at the Memphis country club he was actually going to go do his physical for the Navy today," Robinson said.

Police removed bags full of evidence from the house.

We are told they retrieved bullets from inside the house they also collected evidence from the yard.

"They have the casings I believe they call it and I think some of the neighbors have cameras." Robinson said.