• Helena-West Helena crash involving on, off-duty police officers under internal investigation

    By: Tony Atkins


    Helena-West Helena Police are investigating an accident involving several of it’s officers. 

    Police Chief James Smith said several of his officers were in an unmarked car when it was T-boned by an off-duty officer in his personal car.

    “Three officers were in an unmarked vehicle. There was an off-duty officer that was in his personal vehicle,” Smith said. 

    The on-duty officers were responding to a robbery in the 200-block of Columbia. A Dollar General store was targeted at gunpoint on September 5 around 10 p.m.


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    Smith confirmed with FOX13, the department is investigating internally as the State investigates the officer-involved crash itself.

    “The Helena-West Helena Police Department and Internal Affairs are doing an administrative investigation on the crash and the parties who are involved,” Smith said. 

    Investigators told FOX13, the on-duty officer was at fault for the crash, but they’re looking into the reason the off-duty officer was at the scene, to begin with. 

    The suspect in the robbery, who could possibly be connected to another robbery in Tunica, managed to escape. 

    All four officers were treated at Helena Regional Hospital.

    Chief Smith said the Mayor will have the final say on what happens to the officer under investigation. 

    “It may be suspension. It may be termination or it may be an oral reprimand with additional training,” he said.

    The crash caused an estimated $10-thousand in damages. Both the squad car and the off-duty officer’s personal car were totaled.

    Smith did not identify any of the officers involved.

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