Here's a list of the road rage shootings on Memphis interstates so far in 2019

Here's a list of the road rage shootings on Memphis interstates so far in 2019

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In 2019, there have been at least 10 road rage shootings across the Mid-South. Multiple drivers have been injured, some have even died during the incidents.

Memphis police announced that they have investigated 30 shooting calls on interstates so far in 2019, regardless if someone was shot or shot at.

FOX13 has listed each incident and location that have caused injuries or were a result of road rage. Here's what you need to know about each road rage shooting in Memphis for 2019.

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You can read more about each one by clicking on the locations below:

Highway 385 & Ridgeway, January 8th

I-240 & Union, January 18th

I-240 & Getwell, January 23rd

I-240 & Highway 385, January 25th

I-240 & Alcy Road, January 28th

I-55 & Third St., January 28th

I-55 & I-240, February 8th

I-240 & Getwell, February 13th

I-40 & Warford, March 16th

I-40 & Appling Rd., March 20th

385 Expressway & Ridgeway, March 26th

I-40 & Jackson, April 2nd 

I-240 & Mount Moriah, April 11th

I-240 & Millbranch, April 16th

I-55 & Shelby Dr., April 23rd

I-40 & Whitten, May 1st

I-40 & Chelsea, May 24th

I-40 & Covington, May 27th

I-240 & Quince, May 27th 

I-240 & Airways, June 1st

I-240 & Airways, June 2nd 

I-40 & Warford, June 12th

Highway 385 & Kirby Parkway, June 13th

I-40 & Hollywood, June 14th

I-40 & Warford, June 16th

I-40 & Sycamore View, June 19th

I-40 & Watkins, June 23rd

Highway 385 & Ridgeway, June 25th

I-240 & Sam Cooper, June 26th

I-240 & Perkins, July 12

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